Use this form only once you have contacted Matt Stevens to check availability and pricing. Please use the links above to visit one of the information pages.

Please read the terms below before paying your booking fee, as by paying the booking fee, you will be agreeing to these terms.

Booking Fee

A booking fee is required to book a magic show for your party. Booking fees are non refundable for any reason. Booking fee is $100, and is deducted from the total cost of services.

Performance Space

For magic shows, a flat, level space a minimum 10 feet wide by 6-7 feet deep is required, along with access to one grounded electrical outlet within 25 feet of this space. The show can setup in a smaller space, however the backdrop can not be set up. For balloon animals, a 6x6 space is recommended, no backdrop is supplied.


If you are planning an outdoor party, please have a backup location indoors should there be inclement weather. Pop up canopies are good for shade, but do not adequately protect against rain and humidity that can damage props and equipment. Matt Stevens will not perform outdoors if there is rain or wet ground. Theatrical backdrop cannot be setup outdoors for safety reasons. Please keep any pets away from the performance space, preferably in another room.


A parking space near the entrance to the venue is required. This space should provide a clear walking path to the entrance, and should remain clear for the duration of the event. Please do not allow other vehicles to block the space in. Any parking fees or fines are the sole responsibility of the client.

Performance Conditions

Matt Stevens Magic reserves the right to suspend setup and performance if he deems, for any reason, that the circumstances are not suitable for the quality of the services, security of equipment or performer, or for any other reason that the performer may experience that might impede the successful delivery of services. Please see 'Show Time' below for information on delays. Please do not serve food or beverages to children during the performance. Excitement during the show may cause spills.


Should you need to cancel your reservation, please contact Matt Stevens as soon as possible. Postponement is at the discretion of Matt Stevens Magic and availability. Booking fees are NOT refundable if postponement is not available.


Balance is due upon arrival and can be paid cash or credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) only. Sorry, checks are not accepted.

Show Time

Magic show is required to start at the time discussed. Any delay in starting the show (ex: waiting for late guests to arrive) will require the show to be shortened to end at the scheduled time so that Matt Stevens can arrive on time to the next party. The full balance will be due.

Photography and Video Recording

You may freely video record and video tape the show from an audience view. Please note that for copyright reasons, uploading video to a public video sharing website is prohibited without written permission from Matt Stevens Magic.

You may also pay by credit card over the phone, 845-662-6128. Do not leave a voicemail with your credit card information. If Matt is not available, he will be sure to call you back for the information.